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Friday, January 2, 2009


Alright, why is it that shirts only shrink length wise!?? I mean really, if I wanted a crop top I'd buy one! I have wasted so much money on the cutest tops, only to be able to wear them once! Yes, I check the tags, but my washing machine doesn't discriminate between cotton or poly blend. What starts mid thigh, will inevitably end up above the belly button. Not a pretty site on a plus size woman!! Well, that was a little too much information, but hey, what's a blog if you can't share!?


AverettLadyNana said...


AverettLadyNana said...


AverettLadyNana said...

Wonder what the deal is with my AMEN posting getting posted twice. I must have had a senior blond moment. I hate it. Everything I buy shrinks up in length it seems by a third. I bought a pair of flannel lined jeans from Bass Pro They had them when the hem turned up and four or so inches of the flannel showing/cuff. They fitted perfect. Long enough from the waist to the seat. I wore them a few times without washing. I was in love. Wanted to go back and get me a second pair. WELL so much for that idea. Washed them in cold water dried them on low, etc. Put those babies on and the cuff now had to be turned down and the waist band was now a hipster style. Second time I washed them they shrunk up some more. I figure by the time the winter is over and I only wear them on days when the high isn't getting out of the twenties---and here in VA isn't that often...though this winter is colder than the past few year...they will be flannel lined hipster capris...and like you say not a pretty sight on a plus size lady as I am.

Marilyn Miller said...

I worked in the apparel world for 25 years. Polyester should not shrink, but cotton almost always will shrink some. It shrinks more in length because of the way it is knitted or woven. It should not shrink more than 1-2". If it does I would take it back to the store and complain. Wash cottons in cold water with gentle cycle and you can hang dry.

andsewon said...

Well do I have the tops for you then. The new fitted turtlenecks at Coldwater Creek come really big!! I had a large hanging off me so went to a med...same thing decided they needed washing so washed , no heat dry. They are now fitting better but not as I would like, sleeves still too long.Glad I just bought 2 and with coupon!!
I am having a time period finding clothes to fit me, reg to big, petite too tight, legs not short enough, seat too big! Heaven help the Short Fat Fanny Gal Like Me!!
I wear my jeans a while before washing if I do not get mess on 'em. Then only no heat dry or hang.