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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Morning Scene

While taking my morning walk, I noticed the ice on the holly bush. I wish the sunlight reflections would have shown up in the picture, like prisms dancing in the sun. It's still really pretty, though.


AverettLadyNana said...

Beautiful...nothing like the beauty Mother Nature shows us.
Understand we could get some flurries tonight or tomorrow. Reall would like more than flurries. Next week some of the local forcaster are calling for snow. Others a mix or rain. I WANT SNOW!!! I think it was four years ago we had a foot the day after Christmas. Barely a flurry since. A few winters before that we had several good fairly deep snows. One the snowplows actually came down our street which is RARE only three times in 30 odd years I've lived here. We have to go over a block before we get to plowed roads or 1-1/2 miles depending on how deep it is. Normally it takes a couple days before it comes near us.

Diane said...

I bet they were pretty with the sun shining on them. Sometimes you just can't get your camera to cooperate-like sometimes the mountains just take my breath away.When I look at the picture I took it just doesn't reflect that.

SweetAnnee said...

Wow you got lots of ice too
Ours is all gone now
but more is promised

Happy 2009

andsewon said...

Pretty but Makes me COLD!!!! NO SNOW....NO ICE Elaine!!!
We are like over 60 today but cloudy and rain.