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Friday, June 26, 2015

Feline Frenzy

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for animals. 
Cats to me are mystifying, beautiful creatures.
Past and present, here are my fur babies.
Toby and Tyler were feral kittens
living in our yard. 
It took awhile, but they have become
such sweethearts, and two big momma's boys!
Mitzi belonged to my mother, and came to
live with us after she pulled the string to
the EMS in mom's apartment.
Twice.  In one night. Imagine her 
surprise, when she was awoken at
3:00 in the morning with paramedics
and a stretcher by her bedside!
We lost our dear Mitzi a year ago.
Toby and Tyler laying in the sun together.
They were about 6 weeks old here.
Andy was sitting on the shelf of my heart book case,
peering at the other side.  See Tyler staring back at him!?
They are now quite inseparable.
Where you find one, you find the other.
And it's usually on top of the t.v. tuner.
Staring out the window at June bugs!
And of course my favorite of Toby under the tree.
Such a beautiful profile Tyler!
I hope you enjoyed meeting my cats!
If you click on any photo, it will bring
them up in large size.


andsewon said...

Sweet kitty babies! All so pretty! We have just three now. Lost 17 yr old Cocoa earlier this year. Marmalade just never wanted to be a house cat so she is enjoying her life outside with her own heated house of course. No AC though. Inside we have the two babies, double trouble, 2yr Wiggles and 1 yr big boy Boots. They keep us laughing! Both are Mama babies and spoiled rotten. Would be so lonely with out the love of a pet.

Marilyn Miller said...

So cute! I do love cats.

Diane said...

Love seeing your cats, Laurie. I remember the terribly frustrating time you had when you first saw the wild kitties and their mama in your yard and it's amazing how far they've come. Good to see that Andy is still with you, too. Diane