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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Frosted Window Panes

The chicken house windows are covered in frost. 
I love the leafy swirly patterns it creates. 
Fortunate for the ladies, the heat lamp keeps
them cozy inside their little home.
 I wonder if chickens get cabin fever?


Diane said...

These are so pretty, Laurie.

My daughter, Cathy, has chickens, too, and they had to be confined to their chicken house for quite a while when we were having 22 below temps. They hadn't produced eggs for a couple months. I guess they got bored because while they were sitting in there somebody laid an egg - 1 egg. It makes me wonder if they get bored or what they do to keep themselves entertained. No TV, no cell phones, nothing to do! Do you ever wonder about things like that? Diane

kathy said...

Beautiful pictures, Laurie. I'm sure the girls are happy to be snug and warm for now. Better than freezing their toes off!

wendy said...

Beautiful pictures! I love frost designs. Claire and I had just finished a book about Jack Frost, I'll have to show her your pictures.

kathy said...

Too bad you can't set up a surveillance camera :) Maybe you'd get some True Tails from the Hen House! LOL

Mary Ann Potter said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! My chickens, free rangers who spend bad-weather days under the porch and sleep in a huge, very dense cedar tree, fared well through the cold. No one had a frost-bitten comb, and no one complained. Bless their hearts. Of course, down here we had single digits for two nights and nothing below zero. May it warm up there as well! Blessings to you and your critters from the farm!

Sharon Chapman said...

I don't know about the chicks but get cabin fever. This year so far no real snow to talk about. Kinda sad to say as I worry about the ski resorts here.
I am so sorry about your mom. I lost my dad right before Christmas and I know how tough it is. That was years ago.=, but I still remember.

Catherine said...

Hmmm...I am thinking anything and anybody would get cabin fever eventually no? Even chickens! Glad they have a heat lamp to keep cozy from that frost!
xo Catherine

Algodão Tão Doce said...

O sol é para as flores o que os sorrisos são para a humanidade.(Joseph Addison)
Obrigada querida, pela visita carinhosa!
Um doce abraço, Marie.

Marilyn said...

so very pretty.

Lesa said...

I forgot to leave a note about how beautiful I think your photos are! Just lovely!

Kim said...

Very cool pictures! We don't have chickens, but our dog has been in the house a LOT this winter. She's ready for spring too.