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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In My Heart I Know

When trying to get some better pictures of  the
Super Moon, a silver blue orb kept dancing
in my camera lens. when I'd look away from
the camera, there was nothing there.
But when I'd look back through,
it was there, dancing.
It showed up in the picture, below the moon.
I choose to believe in my heart of hearts,
it was my sister.


Terra said...

Beautiful photo and yes, that orb may be a hello from your sister. Somewhere we have a photo of me in our living room with an orb near me, which appeared right after my dad died.

Kim said...

I just recently learned about these orbs. A friend takes pictures every year at her child's grave. Every year there are orbs. I'm sure it was your sister!

Mary Ann Potter said...

This is very beautiful. I saw a few wedding photos some years back that had light just above the bride and groom. The photos were taken by the bride's adult son, and he wasn't aware of it when he took the pictures. Extraordinary. I believe that the Lord gives us little glimpses into the supernatural. He wants us to know that all is well when we trust Him.

Pearl said...

Very cool picture! I'm sure it was her saying "I love you sister" keep on takin pictures. Hugs, Pearl

Algodão Tão Doce said...

Olá querida,estamos e estaremos sempre unidos com nossos entes queridos pelos laços do Amor!

Um doce abraço,Marie.

Catherine said...

So pretty!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend Laurie!
xo Catherine