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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


When Dad was alive, this swing sat in the backyard,
overlooking his gardens.
He and Mom spent many a moment
together, sitting there, contemplating the days
events, or just quietly swaying.
Dad is gone now, and the swing
now sits in my side yard. 
Mom is still with us, and has 
recently been diagnosed with Alzhiemer's.
Monday, as she sat on that same swing,
I couldn't help but tear up. 
Times have changed,
and the her future so unclear.
I miss my Dad terribly,
and wish like Hell he were here to
hold her again, and let her know
everything will be ok.
Like before.


Mary Ann Potter said...

We can't go back, but the Lord helps us move forward. He is always our very-present help in time of trouble; He won't let us down. Sending prayer your way for complete peace in the name of Jesus.

kathy said...

Thank you for your kind words and prayers, Mary Ann. Bittersweet picture of Mom, Laurie. I have to believe Dad is right there beside her. I can almost see him.

Jayne said...

What a poignant photo Laurie. Hugs to you as you navigate these next years of your mom's life.... know that you Dad is certainly with you in spirit.

20 North Ora said...

What a precious photo! We went thru the same thing. Mom was just never the same after Dad passed away. I miss them both so much but know where they are and that they are together with the Lord. What a blessing to have that assurance.

Blessings to you and your Mom,

Kim said...

Wow! You certainly know how to paint a picture with your words. We just never get to old to miss our parents. Change is hard.

andsewon said...

So very sorry for this diagnosis for your Mom. It is a hard road to travel with a loved one. Will keep you all in my prayers.

Name: Amanda said...

This was a hard post to read. I'm so sorry for her diagnosis and loss. I'm sorry for you - witnessing a person you love go through difficulty is painful. You want to take it away. I will be thinking of you!

Pearl said...

How sad this is, you must have loved your father very much. Your Mom has been through so very much but the love each of you kids have shown her is not forgotten, she will always remember this. With each new challenge you kids have been there. This one will be tough but you will get through it. The picture is so precious, maybe in her mind she is thinking "What a great life I have with my girls" God will see you through Laurie. Hugs, Pearl

Catherine said...

Such beautiful memories Laurie. Life sometimes feels so unfair.
Sending you big big hugs!
xo Catherine

Sugar Lump Studios said...

A swing can bring many memories some good and some full of sorrow. Hugs to you with your Mom's recent diagnosis, I know this must be very heartbreaking. My own Dad has been gone nearly 7 years, and the last photo I have of him was on a swing like this with my Mom.