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Friday, January 18, 2013

Isn't This A Fine Howdy Do!

Since Christmas, I've had a terrible bout with gout.  Talk about pain! And not being able to walk flat on my foot, I started walking on the side so no pressure would hit my toes.  Well, the pain in the side of my foot kept getting worse until I couldn't walk at all. So today I went to the foot dr., appropriately named Dr. Hosey.  He took one look at the side of my foot, and said I had a hairline fracture.  With gout. In my toe, in the side of my foot. With the fracture.  Oh Poop!  Orders? Stay off my foot except for the necessary. no walking.  So here I sit in my chair, facing the tv. Oh1 Wait! I can't watch tv! Why!? This morning, right at the beginning of my favorite talk show, Steve Harvey, the tv died!  Except for my computer, I am bored to tears!  I have some embroidery to do so I'll work on that. But I know Ken, no home cooked food for several days, no house cleaning done, dust piling up along with the dishes, and dirty floors! Help!!


Diane said...

That's exactly what happened to my foot except the gout. On the 25th of October I stepped wrong in a pothole which was full of leaves and broke the toe - clear up at the top of it and it hasn't healed to suit the doctor. I went through the not being able to do anything but how do you stay off of your foot?

Kim said...

Oh my, when it rains it pours! How about a good book? I hope it heals soon. I'll be thinking of you.

andsewon said...

I am so sorry! If I was nearby would love to help ya out! Yes sadly with the gout no boot to help the fracture! Hope you are on meds for gout and maybe a pain pill or two. Maybe call in the sister troops! Get Well Hugs!

Pearl said...

Ugh I feel for you, I had something similar and it's a long road. I also compisated on the side of my foot and made it worse. But it wasn't until he put me in a boot did I do better.But mine was the band on the bottom of my foot so I had to have surgery and cut the band and now I'm doing good. Get some crutches or walker so you can jump. Unless your other foot is toast too? Hope you heal quickly my friend. Thanks for the kind words on my blog to I really appreciated it. Hugs, Pearl

Jayne said...

Poor you, Laurie! Gout is so very painful, and to add a fracture to it! If we all lived closer, we'd have to descend on your house and take care of you! Hope it's better soon my friend. xoxo

Catherine said...

Oh you poor girl!!! Not fun at all! And your TV died to boot. Now that is just cruel punishment. LOL! Thank goodness for the computer. Hopefully the TV can get fixed or replaced soon! GAAAAK!

Take care!
xo Catherine

kathy said...

Hope you get some good news from Dr. Hosey today. Crutches are a good idea. Let me know if I can help. Between you and Wendy, not to mention Mom! we need a convalescent home!