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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sphyx Sphacts

Hello ladies Kathy works with!
Now I know you think I'm a little on the homely side, 
but let me tell you a little bit about me! 
I am a  sphyx cat, a french breed.
I've been described as the "part monkey, part dog,
part child, and part cat, breed, as we have traits of each!

We are a very mischievous breed, very loyal to our humans as we follow them around and even wag our tales. Just ask my human, she'll totally agree!  We are highly intelligent and very trainable.
I am a heterozygous sphyx, as I possess only one copy of the hairless gene, which means 
I do have more hair than the homozygous sphyx which has two.
We aren't more wrinkled than any other cat, you just can't see them because they have fur!
Since we are the only breed that perspires through our skin,
we require regular baths, unless you want to your clothes
to be colored in a brilliant shade of orange!
Our breed has a fine down that feels like a soft suede.

Yes, we aren't the cat for everyone, I mean we do have a face that only a mother could love
I've heard.  But as far as cats go, I'd have to say that our breed is not only
the most unique in appearance, but in my Mom's opinion, 
I'm the most lovable and intelligent cat there is!


Terra said...

Oh darling, you do sound lovable and intelligent, and soft as suede too. Who wouldn't grow to love you?

Mary Ann Potter said...

Sweet as can be, mischievous as heck, and very, very regal!!!

Diane said...

Maybe it is a face only a mother could love but I can see why you love him. I love the picture with the computer - so funny. Diane

Catherine said...

Hmmmm....I am thinking it wouldn't take long before you were stealing hearts!!
xo Catherine

kathy said...

Good ole Andy. At least he has a great personality! LOL

The ladies at my office enjoyed your blog, too. See you tomorrow!

Marilyn said...

Yes, I must agree that only a mother could love your very special cat. I have never seen one.

Yes, also blog friends are the very best. Thanks for being a blog friend, Laurie.

Name: Amanda said...

I see the beauty in him! What a sweetie.