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Thursday, September 13, 2012

More than a Dog

What can I say about Bobby.
Well, I have a lot to say!
As you probably know, I rescued Bobby, or should I say he rescued us,
when I found him at the post office, where he was sleeping in the car port for several days.
The pound was coming to pick him up, and when I went to get our mail he jumped in my car. That day changed his and our lives forever.
We love this dog. He's a purebred border collie, and a border in every way.
Bobby has decided we are his job. And he does his job exceptionally well.
This is how he "runs" our household.
5:30 a.m.
I'm awoken by a nose in my face and a little grumpf.
"get up Mom,The cat wants out".
I get up, let Toby out, go back to bed.
8:00 a.m.
Same thing.
This time, I have to go to the bathroom. Don't ask me how he knows this, he just does.
I get out of bed and am led to the bathroom, where he waits outside the door.
Then it's back to bed. No, I don't stay up, I need time to drift back to sleep for a little bit.
I should just stay awake.
The chickens are at the side door, and waiting for me to feed them.
Bobby is very verbal, making sure I get up and take care of the girls. He then leads me to the food bin, I get the feed, and head out the door. He and Chip go with me.
At this time, Bobby herds the chickens to the gate, and waits inside the fence for me to finish taking care of the girls.
Chip goes to do his duty out back, and visits with his brother next door.
We come back in, and Bobby leads me to the cats dish, I need to feed the cats. Then he stops at the pantry and waits for me to get his and Chips food.
There. Everyone is taken care of. Thank-you Bobby I don't think I could do it without you.
I go sit down to watch Steve Harvey's new show. (If you haven't watched it, make sure to catch it. It's a riot.)
About 20 minutes later, I receive his paw on my arm, and he runs to the door.
Chip is sitting on the porch, ready to come in.
Now. Everyone is settled, has had their food, has been out, and now, he lays down to relax and take a well deserved nap.
During the day, he'll let me know everything that's going on, including and not limited to:
The phone is ringing, go answer it.
The chickens want a treat. He lets me know they're at the side door waiting.
The cat needs in or out.
The water dish needs filled.
It's time to gather eggs.
It's time for Ken to go to the post office. One of his favorite times of the day,
he loves to go for car rides.
Meal times.
Something is going on at Robyn's.
So what would I do without Bobby?
I don't know, and am not looking forward to that day.
He keeps us on our toes, gives us tons of love, and we reciprocate with no problem.
We love our big hairy guardian!


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

He is wonderful! Our little Bonnie Lass, also a rescue, is going on 14 yrs and she's still giving us all the joy in the world! Love dogs!!!

Also, Laurie,
I just wanted to say I haven't been posting much because my blogspot is messed up and I haven't had time to figure out to fix the problem.

Anyway...we're fine and hope you are too!

Diane said...

It's a good thing you have such a wonderful dog to look after you. He's a sweetie. I hope you have him for a long, long time. Diane

Mary Ann Potter said...

What a delight! I absolutely loved this post. Your precious dog sounds like a great fella. We've been blessed with five dogs over our 44-year marriage: Bruno the St. Bernard who weighed 225 pounds and was just as gentle (and drooly!) as can be, Duffy the golden retriever who smiled all the time, Burgess the bloodhound who was even more drooly than Bruno and snored like a freight train, Archie the shepherd/rottweiler mix, the stray who came to stay and blessed us with his antics for 3 years. Now we have our farm dog Lucky, a chow/shepherd mix who loves the chickens and is our constant companion. Furry blessings. Pet your precious one for me!

Jayne said...

Sounds like Bobby has trained you all quite well!

Catherine said...

What a sweet pup! I love how he found you. He must have known that you would take good care of him and love him lots.


xo Catherine

wendy said...

Cute picture! He really is a sweet heart!