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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

My cats reflect how I feel in this heat. Just laze around in the cool, and don't move!
Mitzi sleeps in her basket,
and Toby sleeps in his.
Andy amazes me with his balance, sitting on the skinny arm of the rocking chair!
Just give Tyler a box anywhere, and he's totally content.
Me, the recliner. In between household chores, that's where you'll find me!
How are you dealing with this unusually hot summer?


Jayne said...

I simply can't remember a summer that started so early and that was so abominably hot Laurie. We've been 90+ degrees for months now and I am SOOOOO ready for the fall. :c)

wendy said...

I'm ready for fall! Love the pictures!

Diane said...

Cats just know how to relax. These kitties are all so beautiful Laurie. How am I relaxing? Taking a nap in the afternoon and its just heavenly.

Pearl said...

Well like your cats, thats exactly the way I look. Soon fall will be here so enjoy why ya can. It's been around 97 degrees here. But we did not get a summer until mid July? Enjoy, Pearl

Kim said...

I have spent most of my summer inside studying with the daily watering of my plants since we are in drought conditions for the second year in a row. Our AC has certainly had a workout!

Catherine said...

We haven't been having the temperatures you have had. We are staying around 30C (90 - 95F) and get some rain inbetween. Wish I could send you some of our rain!

Keep cool kitties and Laurie!
xo Catherine

Terra said...

You have such darling kitties and they know how to cope with heat, mainly by napping.
You mention the photo I used for my current blog post on rainbows and I found it on flickr.com and I don't know the rules for you to use it on Pinterest. Flickr has a button which says "blog" so it is easy to add to a blog.

kathy said...

Great Kitty pics :) This has been a much too hot and too long summer. I am so looking forward to autumn temps and hopefully autumn colors, but with the heat and low rainfall, the leaves may just turn brown and drop.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love your kitties....