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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


When my parents lived in our family home, they had a wooden swing that overlooked Dad's gardens. You would frequently find my parents sitting there, coffee in one hand, and Dad's free arm around my mother. They'd sit and discuss the days events, or sit quietly as they watched the garden grow.
Dad is gone now, and when Mom moved, the swing was placed in our yard. It sits under the shade of the pines, overlooking the property. In the morning hours, I love to sit here and listen to the sounds of nature as the day begins, and in the evening, those sounds fill me with the peace I need before turning in for the night.
In my little nook, I also have my grandmother's rocker, and an Adirondack chair that my husband Ken made for me. Three generations represented, each an important part of what makes up my life.
To sit on the swing, surrounded by memories of those I love, and occasionally with Ken beside me, fills my spirit. I feel the presence of both my father and Grandmother here, and often draw strength from their souls.
Is there a special place you go to meditate, reflect, read a book, or just to sit in the quiet?


Catherine said...

Awwww....the joy of swinging on a swing or any such thing. My favorite is my glider lounge, on my patio, lovely mug of tea and a cool fresh morning. Love it!

Lovely post Laurie!
xo Catherine

Mary Ann Potter said...

We have two rocking chairs on our front porch. Friends bought them for us last year when we had our "farm warming." Your post reminded me that I don't sit there enough. Some of my most meditative times are when I am hanging out the laundry or bringing it in from the clothesline. The breeze, the birds, occasional tractor sounds from a neighboring farm, the whinny of horses next door --- all of those things delight and bless me.

Pearl said...

Sweet memories, my special place is on the banks of the river where we had a dock growing up. We boated and picnicked all day long.
So when I need that place I go across the lake and can still see my Grandfather water skiing. I still have my Mom & Dad, but when I reflect on the past there it makes me cozy and warm feeling. It is so great that you have the swing and chair still. Hugs, Pearl

kathy said...

Looks so inviting and peaceful. More ideas for a section of my yard :) Love ya!