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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camping Trip

Ahhhhhh! We are home from our annual sisters camping trip, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. After a long, horrible heat wave, the weather broke for our trip to Sleeper State Park, located at the top of Michigan's thumb. The lake views are beautiful, and you can see the sun rise and sun set from the same lake.
The water was beautiful for those of us who wanted to swim. Nancy, (our "adopted" sister friend) Marti, Wendy and Claire took advantage of the temperatures to take to the water.
Of course, it wouldn't be camping for me, if I didn't make friends with the chipmunks. I swear this little one has a stash of almonds to last a year! It would stuff it's pouches and head for a discreet hiding place, then back to my chair to gather more. I was entertained for hours by the antics of my little friends.
When I was walking back to our campsite at one point, I heard a rustling. When I looked behind me, I had an army of chipmunks following me! I guess I was the nut lady to them. It was precious.
Nights were set around the campfire, where we talked, toasted with a sparkling wine, and laughed our fool heads off. From left is Wendy's daughter and our camp mascot Claire, Wendy, Nancy, seated, Kathy and her little dog Paddy, and Marti.
Our beautiful mascot Claire, with her little Tinkerbell.
On the way home, Nancy and I stopped at this lighthouse, toured the museum that's in the original light keepers house, and took many beautiful pictures of this historic Lake Huron lighthouse.

We came home after only 2 days, because I'm leaving shortly to bring Mom home to Wendy's! But what an awesome time.


wendy said...

What a great time and the weather was perfect! Where to next year??

Mary Ann Potter said...

Oh, this looks like it was beyond wonderful! Michigan has the best state parks in the world!!! Your photos reminded me of all those lovely family times I had when I was a kid. We always stayed on the western side of the state, though, probably because we lived in Grand Rapids and because my dad was from McBain (near Cadillac).

kathy said...

I'm ready to go again! So is Paddy :) It was a special time with the five of us and with Claire.

Pearl said...

What a fun idea to go with sisters each year and a friend or two. Claire is still adorable as always, and she has really grown. Nice to see pictures to. Glad to hear your Mom is on her way to Windys, good luck to Mom, what a strong lady. Hugs, Pearl

Diane said...

I'm glad you had such a great time Laurie. Diane

andsewon said...

What a wonderful thing to do as sisters and friends! Keeps ya all close in mind and heart!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been camping for some time now. I always enjoyed it! It sure looks like you all did. :)
Hope your Mom is doing well.

Catherine said...

It looks like you ladies had a wonderful time Laurie ~ good for you! And who wouldn't want to make friends with that little chipmunk. Adorable!

Happy Friday!
xo Catherine

Name: Amanda said...

What I wouldn't give for some of that glorious sunshine and a lake to splash around in with sisters and friends. I'm so happy for you!

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. You are a dear.

Good luck with your Mom:)