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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just For Me!!

I LOVE burnt potato chips~since childhood, I've dug through open bags looking for what were the prime chip."Bendy foldy's" and burnt. To me these are the chip of chips! So, it's only natural that the perfect bag of chips would be just that. A burnt potato chip paradise!
Somebody at Bettermade, must have used telepathy to read my mind. Finally! My dream came true!
Bendy foldy burnt chip heaven!! Just look at that beautiful bowl of chip goodness, Slices of potatoes burnt to perfection! Oh thank-you Bettermade! You made my day!!


Pearl said...

I was the same way! I love this, see our age is in charge now so we know what we like.

Diane said...

How wonderful!
They really must have ready your mind. Burnt toast! That's mine. Believe it or not when Leonard makes breakfast he tries to burn my toast just right. He's given up why I like it, he just does it. We all have our little "things". Diane

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Terri's ThreadArt said...

mmmmm...these would be sooo good on a turkey sandwhich...all that yummy crunch with every bite!

Catherine said...

Oh I can't tell you how much I want to taste these salty delights! Yum!!!!

xo Catherine

Kim said...

Oh my, we could have eaten a bag of chips together because I HATE those burnt chips!! Doesn't it just make you happy when you find something you like!