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Monday, November 7, 2011

Feather Patterns

My girls are now 5 1/2 months old. Only Matilda is laying, but the other 12 will be any time now. When I come outside, they come running, and gather around my feet. I love to look down at them, and see the beautiful feathers they have developed.
Sweety Pie welcomed her daily pat, she is one of four Barred Rocks.

Precious is my Auracana ham. she doesn't mind being photographed, in fact is always fascinated by the camera. I love this picture because it shows the beauty of her feathers so perfectly.
Gracie is a New Hampshire Red, and her feathers are so pretty. I love how the deep red blends into the pattern of her back feathers.
Bella is my only Buff Orpington, and is such a pretty hen. Her feathers are the most beautiful colors, and she really is a sweet heart.
Matilda, another Barred Rock, is very familiar to me as my father had many in his flocks. I love the pattern of her feathers, almost like waves. And this breed is one of the most gentle.
Wynonna and Molly are my Golden Lace Wyandotte's. this is Molly, her gold color is lighter than her sisters. I love the pattern, so perfect!
Wynonna is the darker of the two. She received her name from Miss Pearl, a dear blog friend!
This is another close up of Precious, my auracauna. Her feathers are gorgeous!
And this is Olivia, named by my niece, Kayla. She is a Silver Lace Wyandotte. Her diamond pattern is so pretty. The thing that amazes me about my girls, is that God gave each of these breeds a unique beauty all their own.


Diane said...

Oh, they are so pretty, Laurie. They just beg to be photographed or painted. Beautiful colors. Diane

Pearl said...

I know nothing about Chicks & Hens, nor did I know how different they are and so many different breeds. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Pearl

MosaicMagpie said...

Like Pearl, I do not know much about chickens, but these are beautiful. You are right the patterns in their feathers are really neat. Thanks for sharing this and teaching me about chickens!

Catherine said...

I think everyone should recognize and celebrate the beauty in chicken feathers ~ very pretty!
xo Catherine

Mary Ann Potter said...

Thanks for inviting me to your blog, Laurie! These chickens are just gorgeous! We had neighbors in our old neighborhood who had some of these same chicken breeds; I used to take care of them whenever they went out of town. I learned a great deal about chickens, so when we moved here a few months ago, I could hardly wait to care for my own. Very curious where you live in Michigan. We moved from there to NC back in 1983. I am from Grand Rapids, my husband is from Flint, and we lived in both Flint and Troy before moving south. One of my former college roomies owns a centennial farm in Romeo, now known as Ray Township. Are y'all anywhere near there?

Anonymous said...

Your girls are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.
I grew up around free range chickens in the 50's and I tell my kids, (who only see a chicken about once every 5 years) that they missed out on that side of life. Our yard was always full of chickens and mallards.
Green Acres is the place to be :D