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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Shower Cake Catastrophe!

Today I did a shower cake for the daughter of some friends of ours. I have never had such a problem as I did with this one, but was relieved when it was finished, and the recipients loved it. I always do home made carrot cake for any occasion cake requested by their family, and I happily oblige. It's a winner, and tastes sooo good!
I love to tease Terry, the grandpa to be. When I got to the shower, he was talking to his son. Dressed in a nice shirt, jeans, and a belt with a huge buckle, the conversation went like this:
Jason (his son) Nice belt buckle Dad.
Me: Yes, I always admire a man who has the courage to wear a belt buckle bigger than his brain! (keep in mind hear, we banter back and forth like this)
Later while sitting on the couch with momma to be Stephanie, I see Terry coming across the room with a huge grin on his face. Walking right for me, I knew it wasn't good!
Terry: Beautiful cake Laurie, who did the wording?
Me: I did! Why?
Terry: Because it's always nice to welome a new baby.
Me: What are you talking about?
Terry: You left out the c. My brain may be smaller than my belt buckle, but at least it knows how to spell!
Terry, 1, me, 0!


Marilyn said...

And such a pretty cake it is too! Love carrot cake.

Kim said...

What a beautiful cake! At least you did for friends and they can laugh about it!

Diane said...

Dang!! That happened to me in my journal the other day. I was copying a little verse into the journal that said "when witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween". Unfortunately I left out the word cats!!!!! Thank God that it wasn't at a baby shower like yours. That comes from working too closely on your writing I think. Diane

andsewon said...

Chuckling here!! Yes good bantering fun friends are the best!
Pretty cake none the less for missing the 'c'!

Pearl said...

Well first off that is a beautiful cake, perfect for the new babe. You don't know how many projects through the years that I have spent hours or days on only to find out I did something simple like this. My spelling off! Its all so close together and seems to perfectly fit I would never have found this either. I love the bantering you two do. Better luck next time! Hugs, Pearl

Catherine said...

Haha - that is totally something I would do - I'm a really bad speller. Oh well, I'm sure the cake was yummy! It sure is pretty!
xo Catherine

Emmie The Muse said...

Hi Laurie! That cake was delicious! And for what it's worth, I was so awestruck by the animal detail, I didn't notice the missing c :) It was nice to meet you this past weekend!

Sharon said...

Oh that takes the cake! (Sorry couldn't help myself). Your cake was gorgeous c or no c.