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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A River Runs Through It

Our property that is! This evening we had a terrible bout of bad weather come through our area, funnel clouds were spotted just a short distance from our home, large hail, and rain like I have never seen. The result was this.
Robin and the triplets waded through water up to their knees and calves.

Jacob is standing at the side of the drive way, this water ran right over and created a rapid on the other side.
Robyn is taking pictures also, this is between our yards.
And of course, a beautiful rainbow always greets at the end of a storm. This one was no exception!


Diane said...

Was that THIS evening Laurie? I'm so glad that you didn't have a tornado! The flood is bad enough. A fun time for the kids anyway! Stay safe Laurie! Hugs, Diane

Pearl said...

That looks real bad, my gosh I thought we had storms. Lovely rainbow. The photography is beautiful.

andsewon said...

Those storms are bad this year! We were passed by real close back in April! Scary! Happy all you got was water!
Take care!

kathy said...

Great pictures, Laurie. The boys look like they're having a blast - not to mention Robin :) See you later - Apparently not a YARD sale weekend! You could sell boats and people could test drive them right in the yard :)

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Wow..did you finish the arc yet?? Boy oh boy..that's some rain!

Catherine said...

When will all this rain stop! Mother Nature has sure been showing us her wrath. The thunder and lightening are in high form at the moment here. I should soon get off the computer!!!

Keep dry Laurie!
xo Catherine

Marilyn said...

Hope this did do any damage!