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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunshine! PLEASE!!

This has been one of the strangest winter/summers I can ever remember. Here we are half way through May, and the weather is still more wintry than springy. Today was no exception. With temperatures in the mid 30's, and wind that went right to the bone, it seems that spring, is eluding us. So tonight, when I looked out the window to see this sunset, it gave me hope that maybe tomorrow will bring us a little sun. That would be such a welcome relief to this crazy season. How are you coping with the weather where you are?


Catherine said...

'They' keep saying that we are supposed to have a hot dry summer. We have had sunshine the last few days but oh my this wind is getting tiresome!!!

Hoping lovely weather for us both Laurie!
xo Catherine

Diane said...

About the same way you are. We have had STRONG wind all day here - from the east, which is rare. Almost blew Rascal away. Hope you have a sunny day tomorrow. Diane

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

The photo is beautiful! We have flodding from record snow levels (60 feet of snow..FEET. Avalanaches and floods..it has been a weird year! hoping yoiur sunshine and hoping dry weather for us!

kathy said...

Well that beautiful sunset was sure deceiving! My efforts to have and KEEP a positive attitude are losing ground. Yesterday was beyond bone chilling! Drenching rain, cold wind, low 30's overnight. My Magnolia tree was loaded with the promise of a magnificent display of soft-scented blossoms. I look forward to enjoying my tree a couple of weeks out of the year. But NOOO! The wind and rain knocked the blooms out of the tree before she reached the peak of her beautiful show. Only 52 weeks till her next try :(