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Sunday, February 6, 2011

He May Be A Squirrel...

But he's my squirrel! I say this because where we live, we don't have squirrels. Not within a half mile radius. I don't know why they choose not to nest on our property, but occasionally, one will grace us with its presence! Today was one of those days. I was so excited to look out at the feeders and see this plump red squirrel emptying out the feeder. I know they're pesky little creatures, but when you never see them, you miss them! Sort of like seeing a rare bird, this little guy is rare to me, and I welcome him (or her) for as long as he (or him) would like to stay!


Diane said...

Much redder color than our grey squirrels around here. But we do have one with a red tail. Enjoy your squirrel, Laurie, he'll enjoy that birdseed - it's cold.

Jayne said...

Wow, he really is red, that one! Glad he entertained you Laurie!

Catherine said...

So cute!! How come this little guy isn't sleeping?? It's too cold out for squirrels!

Actually, it's too cold for people too! :)
xo Catherine

Pearl said...

Now that's a fat boy! He's big compared to ours around here. And his red color too is different. They are fun to watch!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Ohh..I love squirrels too and I NEVER see any in our neighborhood. Miss them. Lucky you! Have you names him/her?? :-)