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Sunday, January 30, 2011

And It Isn't Over By A Long Shot!

It's been cold and snowy here, and it isn't expected to get any better soon!
We are under a winter storm advisory, with 6-12" possible between Monday and Wednesday.
I'll be so happy for spring to arrive, my bones need a chance to warm up. Right now they feel like these icicles hanging from the gutters. Brrrrr!


andsewon said...

I am with you Laurie. Even though we have not had the snow you all have had we have had cold too long and damp along with freezing drizzle!
My joints are not liking it one bit nor my wallet from paying our heating bills!!! Our winter has been too long for us here!
Stay warm!!

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Hi Laurie, it's not to late to join if you want to. I think you can start part way into it if I read the instruction correctly. Anyway have you noticed what great taste we have as we both have the same backgrounds! I am sick of winter to.It is crazy the snow we have gotton and more on the way. I will blog about it in a few week but I had to tell you my daughter found a dog that looks exactly like our Brittney Jake that passed away in April and his name is Jake too. It's too weird for words. He's was taken from a horder in Texas. We should have him a about 2 weeks. So anyway ~ if we can get through Feb ~ it will be spring before we know it!!!Have a GREAT week!

Kim said...

Keep that snow up there!!!! We really haven't had too bad of a winter at this point. It's been cold and no sun, but no snow days! Thanks for the nice comments about our little princess. It is such fun to sew "pretty" stuff for a change!

Pearl said...

I hope you get warm real soon, this weather just won't give up. Were not near as bad as you but it did try to snow today and we all here thought it was over. Caution never think to much :)

Diane said...

Look at it this way - more time to create things! Diane

Jayne said...

OK, I'll run and duck as I tell you it was 68 degrees here this weekend! (Jayne runs laughing from Buttons and Lace)

But seriously, we're in for another cold snap too. Yes, we will be welcoming spring with very open arms!

Motherkitty said...

Laurie ~

We're preparing for the coming winter storm here in Eastern Nebraska. I detest winter weather. It makes me ache, and I have a fear of falling on the ice hidden beneath the snow.

I hope you stay safe and warm!

Gentle hugs!

Marilyn said...

Warm up the hot water bottle and stick it on your feet at night. A wonderful way to warm your "soul" and "sole". Take care Spring will come again, I see signs in the west.

Catherine said...

sigh... spring seems so far away doesn't it???
xo Catherine