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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lucy Update

I want to thanks all of you for your concern and prayers for our little Lucy. I'm so excited to say that Lucy is improving! We just got back from seeing her, and were happily surprised to see how well she is doing. We got her to eat, she's been drinking water, and was so happy to see us. We were set up in one of the exam rooms where we could be with her undisturbed. She walked around the room, then layed down and took in all the attention. When we were ready to leave, she followed us out of the room. It broke our heart to leave her there, yet made our hearts happy to see her improving. So please keep her in your prayers. I'm so grateful for you, my dear blog friends, for your friendship, genuine concern, and your prayers. Thank-you, and bless all of you!


AverettLadyNana said...

I just saw about Lucy being sick. I am so glad she is doing better. Prayers for her recovery!!

Terri's ThreadArt said...

This is amazing wonderful news.I am honestly writing this through tears ~ GOd is so faithful!

Pearl said...

I'm so happy to hear this and my prayers are still being sent out. It's nice to know she is comfortable and in good hands. Take care now. Pearl

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Prayers will contiune for her rapid recovery..and give her a big 'ol Utah hug from Braxton & Lulu :-)

Diane said...

I'm so glad, Laurie. I hope she improves so much you'll soon be able to bring her home and have her some more years. Diane

andsewon said...

Awwhh bless her sweet lil pup heart. I so hope she is better soon to come home.
They do better at home.
Take care Laurie an
know I am thinking of you!

Catherine said...

Hooray for Lucy feeling better! Hopefully she will keep on improving and be home with you soon! Keep up the good work Lucy!
xo Catherine

Jayne said...

I pray that she will continue to improve Laurie and that you can bring her home.

Kathy said...

That is such good news! Lucy is a sweetie and I am looking forward to seeing her well and HOME :) Maybe we can even be walking buddies again!