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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog Friendships

I was commenting with Lola today, on blog relationships. It's a wonderful, love filled, friendly community of friends, who mostly have never seen each other, but have special bond. I stated that my blog friends know me better than my own family does. As Lola suggested, is it because we feel more free to be ourselves?
All I know is that I can't imagine life without any of you. We've laughed, cried, prayed, praised, and supported one another through some of life's most important or special moments, good times and bad. In day to day life, I can't count the number of times I've seen or done something that reminds me of one of you. Through laughter and tears, we share a secret sisterhood, not understood by anyone else. As Lola said, we're considered weird. I had Diane say once, that she was told to get some "real" friends. I guess to those on the outside, we aren't real, breathing, living creatures. Yet, we are. And in this amazing blogging world, we have formed friendships, real friendships, with other women all over the world. What could be more amazing, or more real than that?
I love all of you my dear friends, yes, really love you! You are as important to me as anyone could be. If I had one bucket list wish, it would be to meet everyone of you in person. And Melinda, I'm still rooting for you on the chickens!


Diane said...

You said it, Laurie! For some reason it made me think of The Unsinkable Molly Brown and She's My Friend....remember that song? Diane

Catherine said...

You've written some very beautiful thoughts Laurie! One of the things I love the most about the blogasphere is that we are finding friends that we connect with due to common interests. As we do not have a 'visual' or an 'audio' of our blogging friends, we are liking each other for who we are. Love it!

Have a Happy Tuesday!
xo Catherine

quiltingnana said...

very nice post...it is nice, sometimes when I am alone, to go to the computer and see what my blog friends are doing....

Pearl said...

Right on Sista! I agree with you whole heartedly. And I also would like to meet all my buddies too. Maybe we could have a new "Wood Stock" it would be called "Blog Stock" Couldn't you see us all sliding down the mud hills half dressed? Whooohoo!!

andsewon said...

Love you back sweet lady!!

Kim said...

Very nice post, Laurie. I agree with Catherine that it is nice liking each other for who we are and our common interests. I look forward to reading the same blogs every time I have a chance.

Jayne said...

I so agree Laurie! It's an interesting dynamic to be sure, but one that I have found to be so very rewarding. Happy to call you a blog friend!