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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Photo Experimenting

I've been having fun taking pictures today, and here are a few of my favorites. Are you thinking, "she's not going to bore us with her pictures is she?" Would I do that to you? Why yes I would!
First I saw these two beetles on the cone flowers. I never really knew how beautiful they are.

I saw this moth on the glass last night, and had to take a picture. I never realized they have a "fringe" on the bottom of their wings until I looked at this. And how mirror imaged both wings are.
I love this picture of the lily, how the sun reflected on it. And so detailed!
This one I'm not overjoyed with, though I do like the new growth coming on.
So that's what I've done so far today, now off to finish Kim's needlebook! Enjoy your day ladies, hope it's as beautiful where you are as it is here.


Catherine said...

Oh my goodness ~ what kind of beetles are those? They are huge!

Fun photos Laurie!
xo Catherine

Diane said...

You'll be experimenting for a long time, Laurie, and I hope you post your pics. These are so pretty. Especially like the bugs, gorgeous. Diane

Pearl said...

Heck no were not bored, anytime were talking gorgeous flowers your talking many peoples language. The lily is outstanding I love it when the light is just right. All your pics are good Laurie your really coming along much better than I. The month is cool to see close up with it's fringes. Yeah even beetles are nice looking. More flowers please :)

wendy said...

Hey Sis....can I borrow your camera?

Jayne said...

Beautiful Laurie!!!

Kim said...

Love the flowers. What a difference a good camera makes! How lucky to have a husband that surprises you with something like that! I look forward to seeing more photos.