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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Pleasant Afternoon

Fathers Day is always a bittersweet day for Mom, so Ken and I took her for a ride up the lakeshore for the afternoon. A stop at A&W is always first, then up to the scenic turnouts. No matter that we grew up on the great lakes, we never tire of the views.
The only time I can ever get a picture of Ken, is when his back is to me and he doesn't know!
On the way back down the shoreline, Ken spotted this abandoned house, and knew I couldn't pass by without looking. It's obviously been vacant for several decades, and in total disrepair. Yet I found it intriguing.
In its day, this house was beautiful. the brick work, the stained glass window in the front, and the gingerbread work is amazing. I would have loved to go inside....til I looked at the window above this entrance. It just really gave me the creeps! I almost expected Miss Haveshome from a Charles Dickens novel, in her cobwebbed wedding gown and moldy wedding cake to come stand in the window.
But intriguing none the less. It was a very pleasant afternoon, and I know Mom enjoyed herself.


Diane said...

I'm sure your mom must really appreciate you. It made the day much easer maybe for all of you. Don't you just love to think of the stories of places like that old house? Nice post Laurie, Blessings, Diane

Jayne said...

I am sure she appreciated being with you and Ken and having a beautiful day Laurie. You are a special daughter. :c)

Pearl said...

I always find it astounding that someone would let this go to wreck and rouin. I glad you all had a good time.

Catherine said...

Looks like you enjoyed a beautiful sunny day! How lovely. Abandoned houses always intrigue me. I always wonder if they had been full of love, hopes and dreams or sadness and anger. I hope this one had love. :)

Have a lovely week Laurie!
xo Catherine

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh I think the house is wonderful! If only the walls could talk!

It was wonderful of you to take such good care of her..and to really think how she must have been feeling..good for you & Ken..

You are gooooood people ;-D

Kim said...

You are so lucky to be close to your mom and spend time with her. I LOVE the flowers in your header. I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog, but I can't email you. (I'm using a loaner computer that doesn't cooperate!) We are 19 miles SW of Iowa City--Wellman. I know the whole state is tired of this weather!!

Marilyn said...

I have yet to see the Great Lakes except from the air. Someday I will do that. The house is intrigueing, it would be fun to explore.

Tolentreasures said...

I love that old house. What a neat place..didn't you just want to buy it and fix it up?
Heading to Milwaukee on Saturday, I am going to enjoy one of those GREAT lakes also.