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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Special Gift!

Several posts back, I showed the cup and saucer collection I thought I'd lost forever. In the center was this dessert plate and tea cup that were the remainder of my grandmother's china. Diane, of Pinecones and Roses, told me it was lustreware, made in Japan in the 30's and 40's. I set out to find more pieces, and found a sugar bowl and creamer, for $50. I tried to get them, and was so disappointed when she sold them to someone else. Well yesterday, my dear husband sat a huge box in my lap, with "Happy Mother's Day!" (He couldn't wait that long, never was good at keeping surprises.) I opened the box, and here, the tea set for four, I thought I'd never see in my home, as it was sold in auction. I had no idea it was my husband who won it! Not the same color, but I don't care, it's the pattern I loved. This will be a treasure to me always!!! So thank-you Diane, you were right! I didn't get the others for a reason, and best yet, the whole set, in mint condition, was $12 less than just the sugar and creamer! If you had never told me it was lustreware, I never would have found this beautiful set! I'll still add to the other as I find pieces, but this is a definite keeper!


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

The china is lovely and so unusual! What a wonderful surprise! I can just imagine your excitement and pleasure!
Have a great weekend!

andsewon said...

Oh my girl this is just stunning!!! I love the blue and this color range TOO!

Diane said...

It's so nice when you're right - especially if the end leads to a sweet and happy thing for a friend. That was so nice of your husband to do that - what a sweetheart!!! Enjoy your set Laurie. Blessings, Diane

Pearl said...

What a lucky lady you are, you just can't find good husbands anymore :) This is a gorgeous set the colors are just the best. I can't wait to see more of your tea collection.

Melinda Cornish said...

what a wonderful man....the set is just beautiful!

Jayne said...

What a lovely surprise for you!

Marilyn said...

A gorgeous set. I hope you enjoy many opportunities for tea in this special set. What a lovely gift.