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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Little Trip to the Doctor, A Comedy of Errors

And what a fun time it was. For the people in the waiting room anyway.  I went to the orthopedic surgeon today, to see what's wrong with my shoulder, arm, and neck.  When I got there, in the 95 degree waiting room, (why do stores and waiting rooms have to be so hot?)  I started my 1 1/2 hour long wait for the doctor.  Late from surgery they said.  With my x-rays in hand from 3 weeks ago, I had my first stop in the x-ray room where the tech looked at the films. "We need more" she said, the ones that were taken weren't the right ones. "So slip your bra down on the left side, and we'll take some more pictures."  OK, they were taken, turned out nice and clear she said, so go back out to the waiting room and the next exam room would be mine.  I go back and take a seat, and wait...and wait...and wait...til my sugar started to drop. I go up to the receptionist, explain that I have to go to my car for a snack in case they call my name. "Sure" she said, so I turn around and open the door which is right next to the waiting room to go outside.  Well surprise, wrong door!! I walk into an exam room where a half naked man is sitting on the table, in total shock at the intrusion.  Right in plain site of everyone in the waiting room. Snickers could be heard as I told him "So sorry, wrong door."  Well that was an awkward moment, and having to then walk back through the waiting room filled with patients to go to the exit which couldn't have been any bigger, after all the double doors were wide open! I come back in from eating my snack, and on the way through the room, I feel a little breezy. I realize I forgot to do up my bra on the left side!!!  I went into the bathroom to see that yeah, it was really noticable, one boob up and one way down.  Oh the humiliation!  I pretend that nothing embarrasing has happened over the last 10 minutes and take my seat. It's then I realize, that the man in the exam room was privy to my lopsided breasts.  My niece said I should have just pretended I worked there and asked him what I could do for him. All I could think was him saying "well I am past the breast feeding stage,"  So I finally get into the exam room, and wait...and wait...and wait... Finally the Dr.!  He looked at my x-rays, and found my problem right away. A bone spur in my rotary cuff, one in my neck, a herniated disc in the 3rd vertabre in my neck that's put pressure on the nerve going down my arm, and severe arthritis in my neck and shoulder, along with tendonitis in my arm.  No wonder I've been in so much pain!  He orders up and MRI, therapy, an ultra-sound, a round of steroids, anti-inflamatories and pain killers, and a shot.  The shot was surprisingly not bad at all, his P.A. is a pro. I didn't even know he had done it, he numbs the whole area first.  Well after I'm done, I go back to the receptionist. I'm talking to her, she turns to her computer to type in the orders, and I started feeling faint. Without a word, I go outside since I didn't want to make a fool of myself anymore than I had, and when she turned around I was gone. Ken, not knowing to finish the business at the counter, grabbed my coat and followed me out.  When we get home, there's a message on the answering machine:  "Mrs. Nuske, I don't know what happened but you disappeared before I was done with you. Please come back for you prescriptions, and set up your therapy"  Oh what a day. And I had already told everyone there that my niece Robyn and my daughter-in-law used to work there.  Robyn said to me, "and I suppose this all happened after you told them we were related!?  Sorry Robyn! You may not want to go visit for awhile!


Pearl said...

Well after all that I'm so glad they found out what was wrong! My gosh women the pain you must be in and for so long! I'd have jumped off a bridge by now. I could not stop laughing as I read your post. I wish you pain free floating dreams! So good news for you (well sorta) and come read my good news! Love, Pearl

Jayne said...

LOL... Oh, Laurie, this is priceless! So sorry for all the things that went wrong, but I am so glad they were able to really SEE what has been going on and that maybe you can get some relief and be on your way to being healed! :c)

andsewon said...

Sorry but I was laughing even though I knew you were in pain... what a day!!
They will always remember YOU though so that can be a good thing never confuse you with a 'normal' person.... hahaha! Besides wonder when was the last time that fella in the exam room could claim he was half naked in a room with a gal showing off her left boob!!
Sorry!Still chuckling!!;-)
Yes sounds like you got the work over. Glad you went for the shot this time it will relieve you for a bit.
I am betting still more to come.
I do hope DH went back got your 'scripts and such!
Maybe you should have sent Robyn!!!
See I am an 'evil Auntie"....hahah!
Hang in the gal!!

Diane said...

Oh, Laurie, you're a kick! I think it would be so much fun to be around you. I thought I was the boob (no pun intended) who made all the goofy mistakes. You brighten up my whole day. Thank God they got it figured out and maybe your shoulder will get better now. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Lois said...

Oh my gosh!
That made me laugh out loud.
I am glad that the Dr. was able to get your health back on the right track. I hope it doesn't take too long to get fixed.