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Friday, November 27, 2009

Furry Friends Friday!

Sorry so late with the Furry Friends Friday, my computer would not let me on my blog today! If you have any pet you would like to share pictures, etc. of, join us on Fridays and show them off! Just leave your name and blog address with me and I'll put a link to yours. If you could, link back to my site also with your post! Thanks Diane and Pearl for joining in! It's not to late to post!

Hi! I'm Chip! I'm the only dog in this house who isn't a rescue. Mom bought me from a really neat family who breeds Pomeranians, but does so to maintain the integrity of my breed. I'll be 2 in March. I'm very pampered, Dad says spoiled is a word only used when someone is ruined. I'm not! I'm very much loved by Mom and Dad both, and will sit on any one's lap that I know I can trust, and that they will love me back. Or at least make me feel that way! I know I'm the king pin around here, at least to all my siblings except Lucy when she's sleeping. Then I tip toe around her son not to wake her up. When Mom says "coffee" or "brother" I know I'm going next door to Robyn's to visit. When Mom went to buy me, Robyn and Becky, her nieces went with her. All three ended up buying a puppy, so I have the privilege of being raised with my brothers! My favorite thing to eat is anything that anyone will feed me. Mom watches though to be sure I'm not getting anything I shouldn't have. Or she tries to anyway! Next week, I get to go with her again to the Pawzaar, to get my picture taken with Santa. I love all the attention I get, since she works the sale I get to stay with her for the day! So I'm sure my Santa picture will be here next week!


Pearl said...

What a cutie!! I had a pom when I was 16yrs. old he lived to be a ripe old age and gave us all alot of pleasure. Even the neighborhood kids adopted him he was so fun and cute. Thanks for doing this Laurie it's fun, but I've run out of pets but I do have my sons dog so I'm going to round that one up. Hope your Thanksgiving was good say Hi to Wendy

Diane said...

Oh, Chip is such a cutie. I just love poms. They're just like real little teddy bears. Chip is no exception. One thing I love about poms is the way they bounce, from here to there onto anybody's lap, they're just like little tiggers - and teddy bears.

Jayne said...

Chip looks like a king all perched there on his throne! What a sweetie!

Marilyn Miller said...

How cute. I look forward to seeing the Santa picture of Chip.

Utah Grammie said...

Hey Chip - your Dad is so right, no one should all you spoiled - pampered is perfect for a Pomeranian.. :-)