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Friday, October 2, 2009

O.K., it's not the greatest picture, after all trying to take a picture of your right arm with your left hand is not that easy of a task! However, I thought it time to come out of the tatoo closet.  Yes, I have a tatoo. On my arm. My forearm. My right forearm. Yes, I did it.  Two years ago, I decided to fulfill my dream of being daring and getting a tat.  So I had this done in memory of my father, who by the way hated tatoo's.  But I did it anyway.  I wanted this on my back on the shoulder, but because my cat, who rode on my shoulders had destroyed it with scratch marks, I couldn't have it placed there. But I was not leaving without my tatoo.  So I daringly had it placed on my forearm.  It has special meaning to me.  Our father was a beekeeper, gardener, and butterflies were our symbol for him.  He had written a special puppet script and show about the butterfly.  It was beautiful, and at Dad's funeral, we all wore butterfly pins.  So that's why this is so special to me.  Did it hurt?  Hardly.  Was I scared?  Surprisingly no.  Would I do it again? In a heart beat.  Am I any different now than before I got it? Nope.  I'm still me.


Diane said...

That's a really pretty tattoo, Laurie. I wish I could have seen you trying to take the picture of it.

Pearl said...

I've been so tempted all my life to do this but never did. I just wondered into a tatoo parlor two wks. ago and asked if he could somehow incorporate my scar on my belly from kidney surgery. I told him I want some fleurdele black scaped around it and into a pink rose. He said hell ya I can do that. When I get the extra I'm doing it. At my age it's time and I hate looking at this awful scar!!He won't tat right on the scar because it looks bad he said and the scar because it's an inny would be to tender. I want to be wild crazy Grandma anyway, oops I already am! Thanks for stopping by, LOve your tat I bet your Dad would have been honored.

Jayne said...

I think that's the key... to get something that has so much meaning for you. You brave girl you!

Pat Winter said...

It is a beautiful Tat, and I will get to see it on Sat!!!!! Can't wait to meet you and your sis!

Melinda Cornish said...

I have one too....shhhhh, it is a secret!