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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dotee Delerium

My addiction to dotee dolls is now officially out of control! I have made 24 so far, with no signs of stopping!! Each time I think I'll take a break, another swap comes up that interests me, or my overactive brain thinks up a theme and I'm off again. These are some of the swaps I have completed, and it's getting harder each time to part with them. Help!

This is from the "L is For..." swap, which I chose lion.

This little girl was for the "Pajama Dotee" swap.
For those who were missing letters for the "Alphabet Swap", where we are going through the entire alphabet, I sent this one for "A is for Alphabet" . I also did b, c, and e, the letters by partner was missing.
This one was so fun, the girl I did "J is for..." had a birthday on the 4th of July, making her dotee easy, "J is for July 4th."
This is for the "Cowgirl Dotee" swap.
I made twins for the "Bitee Baby Dotee's".
This is Thumbelina, for the swaps I'm hosting, "Fairy Tale Dotee's". Each month or so we do a dotee from a famous fairy tale.
Now how can I resist!?


Diane said...

Laurie, These are so cute, I can see how you can be swept away. I think I like the twins best (probably because I'm reading a book with twins in it). Take care.

Tolentreasures said...

How cute and detailed those are! You are doing a great job on them!

andsewon said...

KUUUUTTTEE!!!Well my advice is to just keep at it till you burn yourself out! Ha!
I can see loads as in Fall Themes, Halloween Themes, Christmas Themes...GARDEN , CHILDRENS BOOKS,SEWING..... galzillions!!!!!
Just keep having fun!!! That is what it is all about!!

Marilyn Miller said...

Sew much fun! Love Thumbelina.

Sharon said...

How cute is that. I can here my brain no no no don't even think about it. But my heart says oh go ahead make just one..... ya! I think you have found aniche. You go girl! Sharon