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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Sunny Summer Morning

This morning I went for my walk around the yard, and caught some pictures of new growth. Click on each picture to see the amazing details of these beautiful flowers!
The floxglove are opening, and the delphiniums are starting to open their eyes.
Does anyone know what these are? They are on the back of the property, and as soon as you round the corner, the scent takes you away. They grow in little clumps like this, and I could leave my nose in their tiny flowers forever!
The briarroses are opening, and the sweet apple scent is intoxicating. These roses reach back to the early 1500's, and can be seen in several different areas of our yard. The bushes range from 4-8+ feet high, and are just loaded with buds and blossoms.
I love delphiniums, and the plants are huge this year, in several different colors.
These little wild flowers grace our lawn, not dandelions, but very yellow, and uniform.
I love the new pinecones coming out, they're tiny and I think they're cute!

And all while Mitzy keeps her watchful eye from my craftroom window!


Diane said...

I never met Mitzi! Hello Mitzi. Your flowers are so pretty, thanks for the walk around your yard, I love all of them but particularly the foxglove. Your blog is so pretty.

Pearl said...

You must have a big yard like me?! Oh I love the flowers, and your bird drinking house. It's so good to see you post!!! I just sent you and your sister that little thing in the mail that we talked about. Also is that your Mom cat?? She must be doing well with you, she is pretty.

Jayne said...

Pretty, pretty Laurie! No clue about the fragrant white flowers. :c)

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Hi Laurie,
Thanks for coming by my blog ~ I had been thinking of you all day and was going to come by later.
How are you and your family doing?
Are you feeling brighter?
I love the angel on your on your header!!!
Happy Summer!

Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for the walk around your garden.