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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cat Beast

Imagine this:
It's one in the morning, you're sleeping soundly in your room, contently in dreamland. Suddenly, a maintenance man (you live in a senior complex) and an EMS crew complete with stretcher,have joined you in the bedroom. They startle you awake, and you're wondering, "What the Hell! Am I dying?" After realizing you are not, and they stand there dumbfounded, you decide to see what the problem is, and find your cat has played with and triggered the emergency pull cord, and summoned the EMS to your apartment! They tape the cord to the wall, leave you in your embarrassment, and you drift back to dreamland. Two hours later, your door flings open and in they come again! OK, this is a little awkward, .... the problem? They think they taped too tight, and it triggered the alarm again. Or could it be the cat pulled the cord in the bathroom? Hmmmm.
Yes, a true story, it happened to my mother! Well, guess who took the cat!? Am I kidding myself? I must be! Ken said, as long as it doesn't call 911 it's no problem, just didn't have the heart to take it to the humane society. Well, long story short, it's in my craft room, where the litter box and cat food is for her and my other 2 cats. (According to my family, Andy doesn't qualify as such, so I have 1. But to me he's the main man!) Now, this beast, sits on my craft table and growls and hisses at Andy, Punkin, and me! My cats are terrified to go in the room, I'm a little hesitant myself! The cat won't let me near her, she is terrified and terrifying! I think the humane society may be in her future, I don't think this is working out too well! Any suggestions!? HELP!


andsewon said...

Time... just give it time..they will figure out how to get on with each other. Poor kitty. How old is it?

AverettLadyNana said...

Give her some time! She's been uprooted from her home and mommy. She'll fit in in a few days or weeks. When Gucci joined Liberty and Roscoe they had no use for him. He thought he owned everything. He moved with DD and her DH when their house was built. Then after 4 or 5 years darn if he didn't move back...walked next door. Daisy welcomed him as she had lived with him nextdoor. She too had decided to move a few months prior. Poor Roscoe...Gucci tried to bully him, steal food, etc. Now they groom each other and get along fairly well. Sometimes a squabble but not the don't you dare cross this line and WWWIII breaking out.

Diane said...

Well, Laurie, I think the poor kitty is upset about the change. It's probably going to take a good month to work her/him into the household. I really hope you can. I don't know about this idea but maybe if you could drive her over to see your mom occasionally it might make the transition easier, I'm not sure. Good luck, she needs you.

Pearl said...

There's nothing wrong with the Humane Society they will find kitty a new home. They do such great work now. Sometimes we just have to many. Good luck in figuring it out Laurie I know you will. The story about the ambulance cord was funny. Not for your mother I'm sure, but it's a typical cat story. I love Kitties!

Sharon said...

This is one smart kitty. It was ringing (pulling the cord) for service. A nice little pate or such....! Give kitty time to adjust, speak softly and show some tenderness. I wonder is there a "cat whisperer" around. But seriously it takes time for the new kid on the block to adjust.Warmly,Sharon Hugs too! Hang in there.

Marilyn Miller said...

I haven't visited here for awhile. I have changed computers three times since the first of the year and lost your link. I just realized I missed visiting you and found your link. Good to visit you here today.