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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chip's stuff

Chip is quite the unique little dog, with a very quirky personality. He has built himself his own little stash pile, of things he has found in ours and Robyn's yard Since this picture was taken it has grown to accommodate a rag bone, old glove, half of a plastic egg, all the sticks collected by himself, a toy teddy bear, pods from Robyn's tree, plastic juice bottles from the triplets, a purple rag, a carrot squeaky toy,and the list goes on! When he goes outside, he rolls around in the middle of his treasures, and is in 7th Heaven! You can see him at any time, picking up items and bringing them home to place in the increasing pile. I think he has watched Ken too much, and picked up his junk picking habits!


AverettLadyNana said...

Chip is so CUTE! Love his collection! and how he puts his valuables together for safe keeping!

Tolentreasures said...

How cute. I think that I could roll in my collections sometimes...well at least the yarn collection.


Diane said...

Laurie, Chip is just adorable. It's so interesting that he has a little collection. I think that's a sign of intelligence. He, like us, is trying to make some sense of the world he lives in. Bless his little heart!

Pearl said...

What a sweet heart with all his quirkyness.

Robyn said...

wait till he brings over some tires!!!

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Oh this is so funny!