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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Thanks to all of you for your kind comments regarding my father. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. I spent the day remembering my Dad, and all he offered. I remember him working on the railroad, and going to see him at the round house, and the big pot bellied stove that the men sat around eating their lunches. It now warms my brothers work shop. The rides Dad would give us on the engine and let us ring the bell. The smell of oil and musty papers that filled the office and the building, and the turntable that he would turn the engines on to go back from where they came.
I remember going to Beard's Hill, where we would take daring rides along the steep hills, with Mom nervously asking him to move from so close to the sides of the roads, and the huge rubber inflatable cushion he brought home from one of the boxcars, that we used as a raft, and floated down the river on.
The home made breads, pies, cookies, biscuits that he enjoyed making, and the aromas that came from the kitchen.
Going to Grandma's every Sunday to visit, and listening to stories of when they were growing up, and the pranks he would play on his brothers and sisters.
Our family trips to visit friends in Ohio, my sister when she lived in Virginia, and crossing the river into Washington D.C. Nebraska, Wisconsin, Niagra Falls, all pleasant memories.
That was my Dad, the man who made life fun, and created memories to last a lifetime!


Diane said...

Dear Laurie, This man lived a rich full life. It sounds like he crammed as much as he possibly could into it. Blessings,

Julia said...

Hi Laurie,
Your Dad lived a beautiful full life, I enjoyed reading about him..
You have wonderful memories to cherish...
Hugs Julia

Pearl said...

I love your Dad already! Now that's my idea of a man. My husband loves to cook and he bakes a little. But he's a mans man. Everything together is a wonderful package. My Dad has always loved to cook too. And loved his little girls, plus he's a contracter building gorgeous homes, metal buildings, and a little girls house in the back yard! Soft & Strong, my kind a Dad. Your Dad sounds wonderful Laurie, I'm glad for you to have such sweet memories of him. I really like how you wrote the story. Thanks for sharing a big part of your life. Pearl

Pearl said...

I'm such a dork Laurie, I totally forgot to comment on this beautiful quilt!!! The colors are so great and the pictures awesome. Why can't I sew!! Because I was never taught? O.K. I'm coming over because I know you will teach me :)

Sharon said...

Your dad and my dad sound a lot alike. I miss him and talk to him everyday. We shared the same birthday and always had so much fun. As hard as I try march 26th is a hard day for me.Yesterday we toured the Boing airplane plant and there was a 787 with the red tail of Northwest Airline, it brought tears to my eyes as Northwest is now Delta and they will repaint that tail. My dad was one of the first pilots for NW ending his career 32 years later as one of the vice presidents. He would be the one buying those planes. It was so sad. But I have my wonderful memories, like you do. We had great dads didn't we. Sharon. PS Teddy thanks you for the visit!