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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Forth!

No not a typo, a command! March 4th is the only date of the year that instructs us to do something! Two years ago, my sister Wendy had a March Forth party. Since the instruction is March, she chose a foot theme for this. We all had to wear crazy socks, for which there was a prize for the best, all the food had foot theme names, and we had the best time! We really wanted her to do this again this year, but she declined. So next year Wendy, you need to do it again!

So since there is no party to celebrate, I will "march" to the beat of my own drum! I'll step a little livelier, exercise a little more, and have foot long subs for dinner, loaded with extra veggies! How about you? What does the command to March Forth say to you!?


Marilyn Miller said...

I have not heard of March Forth day. Thanks for the information.

Julia said...

this is new to me Laurie..
But I shall March Forth too...it's the fifth here now..
Julia ♥

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hello Laurie.
I found your blog via Cathy at Tolen Treasures.
Hey, any excuse to party is ok by me. LOL. What a great idea for next year. Thanks for sharing.

Pearl said...

New to me sounds like fun!

Diane said...

Hi, Laurie, March Forth makes me think of my ex brother-in-law. It's his birthday and for some reason I always thought of the soldiers in the Red Army doing the goose step. Silly, I know but thought I'd share it anyway. Blessings, Diane