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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Iowa 2

Well I'm having a lot of fun here in Iowa, my little family keeps me quite entertained. What senses of humor! Yesterday I took advantage of my pamper day to go have my hair done and my nails. I went to this little place that was recommended for my manicure, and couldn't understand the tech at all!! I just found myself agreeing with her, she was talking about these two jars, one with a pink powder and one with white. She kept leaning toward the pink by all I could tell, and I just agreed like an idiot! An hour and a half later, I was done and went up to pay. The guy said what beautiful "porcelains" I had and asked for 51.00! I couldn't believe it! That's the last time I agree without knowing what I'm agreeing to! They are beautiful, I wish I could post a picture but I can't here for some reason. Needless to say, by the time I had finished with the hair and nails, I have no money left to shop! We're going to ride to a little town that has some antique shops, second hand, and scrapbook store tomorrow just for fun, but what a drag I can't buy anything. I know when I come back in the fall to bring more money!


andsewon said...

Oh my goodness!! Well I bet you have lovely nails an your hands are sooo glam...you need to be sure to get your $$$'s worth from them so do a LOT of hand gestering when you speak.. ;-)!!!
Glad otherwise you are having a good time !!

Julia said...

Good to read your having a great time...and getting a little spoilt and pampering at the same time...
make the most of your new nails and flash them aroung as much as you can..
Julia ♥

Sharon said...

Maybe you could just print some money like the government is doing. LOL Thaey wouldn't notice, I don't think,mmmm.....?! Sharon

Diane said...

Laurie, Someday you'll laugh about it. Right now you just feel the pain. Try to enjoy your new nails.