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Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Curtains

Usually, the last thing you want a husband to do is pick out curtains to surprise their wives with. He's done it before. For the living room, he brought home a pair of on sale curtains, dry clean only, in a color, well, he's color blind, 'nough said. (In Ken's defense, he has bought really awesome personal gifts in the past. I'm not criticizing you dear.) Well, he brought home a 2 pairs of drapes a couple days ago for my bedroom.

Not bad looking, huh? Actually, quite pretty, match my comforter colors perfectly, machine washable, no iron, and reversible to boot!

No problem, good choice eh? So whats my problem!? They stink!!! Literally, they smell like old burlap, sprayed in some kind of weird chemical! After I hung them up, I sat down to work on the computer, blogging of course, what else would I use it for, and all the sudden I started feeling sick. My nose started burning, my eyes were itching, my head stuffed up, my lungs felt heavy, and I felt nausea creeping in! Down they came, and into the washer, with detergent ,my old pal Odo-Ban, and then the dryer with 5 fabric softener sheets! Meanwhile, try airing out a room in sub-zero weather where opening a window is not an option! I re-hung my pretties, sat back down at my computer, blogging of course, what else would I use it for, and 5 minutes later, the same thing! They have been washed again, and are in the dryer, 5 fabric sheets! If it doesn't work this time, I hate to tell him but they have to go ! They're made of polyester! What can you put in polyester to make it stink? I have polyester clothes, and Heaven forbid I walk around town smelling like an old burlap sack! In the Chinese sweat shop where they were made, do the seamstresses have to wear aspirators! Do they have chronic lung disease!? Do they have lifetime supplies of Kleenex to blow their sinuses out? How do they do it! If I were to keep them up, would I have to wear an aspirator to bed? What about my poor cat and dog? Andy sleeps under the covers, understandably, he's pretty much bald, but what about my little Chip? Do the even make aspirators that size!? Woe is me. From now on, I pick out the curtains, no more surprises! Sorry Ken!


Tolentreasures said...

Too funny! Try white vinegar. That seems to take the smell out of a lot of things.


Kay said...

Yikes! So sorry to hear that you are having a problem with your curtains. I think I might be glad my husband lets the shopping and decorating up to me... he just pays the bills. :) I hope they come out of the dryer fresh as a daisy!

AverettLadyNana said...

Give white vinegar a try...
Good Luck...did you say they were made in China??? I am starting to believe they are out to get all of us...you hear of the pet food and human food coming from there tainted and lead in children toys...who know what they poured into that liquid polyester solution before it became the fabric....guess I'm paranoid.

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Laurie ~ I bought a comforter at HomeGoods and the SAME thing happen! I washed and rewashed it ~ mine smelled kinda like oil.
Anyway ~ I returned it.
Now I smell sheets, blankets etc before I buy them. Hee hee ~ what a weirdo I must look like but it's worth it!