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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sharon, at http://wildflowerhouse.blogspot.com/, just tagged me. So now I have to share 8 details of my life, and pass the tag on to 8 more. Well, I don't have to, but I will joyfully! If you're tagged, you don't have to do it, but enjoy the others responses if you can!
1. If it isn't chocolate, it isn't candy or ice cream.
2. I am a sucker for animals. Strays seem to find me, all but one of my pets are rescues or were found on the
3. This is harder than I thought it would be! Can that count as one?! No? Well,...hmmm..uuhhhh...I hate
housework. I'll do it, but only because it needs to be done. I'd much rather be playing, but can't enjoy if I know everything isn't where it should be.
4. I'm not a phone talker, in fact if I didn't need one, I wouldn't have it!
5. I love the outdoors. Spring, summer and fall are my favorite seasons.
6. I wish I had the courage to go up in a hot air balloon. Maybe someday...
7. I love dreams where I am flying. Just floating through the air. I feel so free and liberated!
8. Games. I love board games, card games, and wish I knew someone who played cribbage. I used to play it by the hours, but lost my playing partner.

O.K., I don't have many to tag, but will. Actually, this is fun, I didn't know I'd have to go so deep to think of 8 things to post.


Marilyn Miller said...

It may be a few days before I get to this, but I will do something next week. Now off to clean my house.

andsewon said...

Fun reading about YOU! You are sweet to think of me but I did this awhile back, was tagged by Mary Ellen at It's Me I Think. Not sure which post but it is on my blog somewhere!!! Too hard to think of stuff again then those to tag..sad I know but my brain is 'vintage' after all...;-)

Pearl said...

Hi Laurie! Thanks for the tag (i think)just kidding. It will take me some time but I'll do it. I still visit your blog and enjoy it very much. Thanks for the following ;)