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Monday, January 26, 2009

Recycled CD boxes

Remember these wooden boxes that AOL would send out with the cd's inside to sample their program? Well, I didn't throw them out, hoping to be able to find a use for such a nice box. I did!
First, I peeled off the plastic film that covers the box.
I found Modge Podge to be my best friend for the project. I covered the box, one side at a time, with it. Then I applied scrapbook paper. The binding side of the book and the sides, are also a strips of paper, or you can use acrylic paint on the sides. I put on any flat stickers at this time, to be modge podged over to assure they stay there. After doing the back and sides, I sealed the whole thing, again one side at a time and allowed complete drying time, with the Modge Podge. I applied 2 coats.
After the outside is dry, I did the inside of the book, using elements that matched the colors and theme, as I would on one of my scrapbook pages. Then, I made a little book to hold 6 to 8 pictures, which fit nicely when the box is closed. I stitched up the center, and glued it to the bottom inside of the box. Then I decorated the outside of the box with more 3 dimensional accents, and there it is! It's filled with pictures of my great niece Kayla, taken in a field of dandelions.
This one I did using stickers in a bird theme,

and the little book is pictures of birds I took around my feeders.
I really wish AOL still sent cd's in these boxes, ideal for craft projects! After I'm done with the two I'm working on, that will be it, unfortunately, unless I can find someone with any in their stashes they'd like to toss my way!


bumblebeebags said...

how ingenious is that...i love your ideas!

AverettLadyNana said...

That is a great idea. I've never seen those wooden boxes for CD's before.

Diane said...

Dear Laurie, Great idea and they're really pretty. Unfortunately, mine are gone forever. Unless I stumble across some, then I'll send them to you.

Pearl said...

Laurie what a great idea! And you did such a good job on them. Very pretty!! I got so many of those things in the mail it got to the point it ticked you off everytime you got one. But what a niffty idea.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

That is a very creative and wonderful idea!