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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I received this e-mail from Elaine at http://Averettladynana.blogspot.com. I remember well eating at Woolworth's, along with the several other fountains that could be found in the dime stores. Those days I cherish, the memories of downtowns you would actually see full of shoppers, sitting at counters enjoying a sandwhich or a malted. It was a pleasant lunch break from shopping all the wonderful stores towns had to offer. I don't know about other cities, but our downtown, still existing but barely, has been taken over by the local mall. I miss walking store to store, Christmas shopping in the winter weather with Holiday music piped through outdoor speakers. I miss the department stores on every block, Sears, Penny's and Sperry's, and the dime stores with their numerous treasures and food counters. Gone are the days. I wish they would return so this generation could experience life in the good old days, even if for only one. What childhood memory do you cherish?


Kim said...

I also have those memories of shopping downtown. When I got old enough my friend and I could be let loose and we always got fries and a Cherry Coke at Woolworth's. Sadly ours burnt down along with my favorite department store when I was in high school. I try to stay away from those malls!

Tolentreasures said...

One of my memories of going downtown was that we would meet my grandmother and she insisted that we had on gloves. Winter or summer we had to have on gloves, hats and of course a dress. I would like to walk through downtown again just like it was.


Diane said...

Our downtown was very small, about 3 blocks long. I treasure Christmastime when each store decorated, they didn't merchandise, they decorated their windows. There were scenes of tiny people ice skaters and in sleighs or making snowmen - before the little villages you buy now, these were handmade. There were Christmas scenes in each of the store windows and each store had a lighted Christmas tree in front with a hidden speaker playing Christas music. In front of the courthouse there were 4 gigantic pine trees and they were each covered with Christmas lights. Sorry to take so much space.

katie said...

I remember Woolworth's dime store. I used to spend my allowance there after dance class on Saturday.
Katz drug store is where we bought all our 45 records.
Sweet memories.

katie paxton

Kay said...

yep, I remember shopping and having lunch at the counter at the dime store... although I suppose if we actually went back there for a day we would realize that the good old days was a lot more work than today.... I'm thinking about ironing everything and all the cooking... but, I'd like to go back for the good stuff....about a day would be enough for me! :) But I sure did enjoy reading the menu and prices.

Maggie R said...

Hee Hee .I have ordered off that menu Laurie.... Don't the prices just kill you!!!!
That was the BEST era ever..!!
Would be nice to jump in a time capsule and go back..
Memories are so precious .