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Monday, January 19, 2009

I really need to get back to my sewing! I did this crazy quilt wall hanging a couple years back. I've done more, but they ended up as gifts. This one, of my grand-daughters, is still one of my favorites. I think when my sewing room is finished, I'll get back my inspiration, right now I feel kind of displaced, really need my quiet spot. I spend a bit of time next door at my nieces, and couldn't figure out why, when I come home, I get kind of depressed, like an ill feeling. I figured it out. When my husband is awake, he watches t.v., and never anything quiet or relaxing, always loud, terrible background music, violent shows where someone is always getting attacked or killed. You know, testosterone shows. I feel my jaw clench, the music makes me feel weird, and I want to run away screaming back to Robyn's, or when I have money, Hobby Lobby. With little left to do to complete my room, I can't wait to get in there, close the door, turn on my soothing music, and sew while looking out the window that overlooks my flower garden, although covered in snow right now,... What do you ladies do to relax and unwind? Where is your special little area that is all yours to do as you please? Do any of you have a retired husband that you'd like to kick to the curb sometimes, or at lease in the butt? :) Please, tell me I'm not the only one!!


AverettLadyNana said...

You are not the only one!!! I have watched so many war movies, all the police shows, on and on.

I drown myself with my laptop in my lap as he thinks I must be in the same room with him.

I used to suggest he go see this man who died last Aug. and his daughter who was his caretaker. That was good for a couple hours. Now, I send him to see the man's daughter...she's still staying in that house instead of hers.......LONG LONG LONG story...she has some serious problems....she was his high school girlfriend....she makes me look so organized and with it......She won't let people in her house just to 'full of stuff'. I've seen what she has done to her parent's home. Her mother must be spinning in her grave except she was cremated and I don't think they ever did bury her ashes...she and the daughter's husband's ashes were riding along in the trunk of daughter's car. Son has Dad's ashes. Her car is packed too you'd think she was homeless to see it or moving. She doesn't trust anyone except us for some reason...it took us MONTHS to get her go sign up for Medicare and we are working on her supplemental, plus getting her to get her husband's IRA/401K whichever it is transfered to her...he's been dead four years!!!

Laurie said...

Thanks Elaine! I laughed til I cried! I don't know if it was supposed to be that funny, but reading it, it's hysterical!!!

Kay said...

I can totally relate to the retired husband with the loud television. Unfortunately we just got a 50" plasma and put it in the room that has my office and sewing machine. I havn't pieced a thing since the TV arrived. I had no idea that anyone would spend their life in front of a TV.

andsewon said...

Oh my...I get a taste when Dhubs is off for a few days or WEEKS! Lord Love Him! Ha!! I do have my lil room, thing is pc is in here too so he will come in on occasion and get in my way. He has a lap top but does not want to get it out!UGH. We have a new TV too but the other one is in guest room and after Wed I will be able to go in there to look at what I WANT! I do not need a new gizmo TV even though I do like this one so clear and all...oh well. I hope you get your haven finished soon so you can escape to it!!!! I have a hard time loading up your blog for some reason.

Diane said...

Well Laurie, You know where I am. I have a place to go, my art room, but most of the time I'm so agitated I can't relax, just cry. In fact I don't know what it means to really relax. I wish this was funny.

bumblebeebags said...

I love the wall hanging....I cant wait to start ours!

Tolentreasures said...

Love your wallhanging...I have one better than retirement...I work with my husband EVERY day AND he bought a huge tv and he not only likes those stupid loud shows but then he watches things like boring tractor pulls (aren't they bad enough in person?) When we first go married he watched the tractor pulls and sleepy stuff in the living room and then things like COPS all night. I put a stop to that. Luckily we have a big house and I have a sewing room on another floor, and a painting room in another whole area and my own tv in both, every now and then he looks at motorhomes and I call a lawyer. That usually stops that idea! We will be well practiced for retirement.

Marilyn Miller said...

You are not the only! I retired last March and had several months to enjoy the quiet, then husband retired the end of June. It is a difficult adjustment. Right now I do have him painting the living room, then we are moving the TV in there and I am taking over the room where the TV has been. It has a door and french doors looking out on the backyard. I can't wait. My projects are waiting too. The ideas swim in my head, but no place to do them. So you are not alone.

Pearl said...

You are so not alone! In my dream room I have to close the door and listen to my music to relax. Because my husband is just like yours, loud violent films with surround sound that has movie theatre rumblings. Then my kid is in the next room playing his games with the same noise! Calgon take me away!! To really relax I go for a drive and get me a Mocha and sit down by the river and close my eyes and just listen to nature! Aaah yes there is quiet in the world. Just not at my house:)

Terri's ThreadArt said...

I love this and have wanted to make on for so long! I love the fabrics!

Maggie R said...

I have so enjoyed your blog....I shall return for sure..

Yes retired hubbys can be a challenge to say the least... It was for me at first.... just move and it was "where are you going?" However as time went on things got better....whew!
Fortunately I have a very large studio which has tooooo much stuff,5 sewing machines(including a serger& an embellisher),a separate room and a walk in closet for fabric and other "stuff"..Honestly it seems the more space you have the more you tend to collect!!!
Anyway this is my haven and I spend a lot of time there. I have a TV combo with CD and Videos, so I can play or see what I want .... or not! sometimes silence is golden!
My Hubby has his den which is very neat and organized( opposites attract!! VBG). He collects business cards and has 14,000 to date. all neatly recorded in binders!!!! He also is working on geniology and has many volumes to date....It is wonderful he too has interests.Keeps him occupied and out of my hair....OH WHO SAID THAT! haha
We meet every day at 4pm for cocktails and dinner and catch up on the days events. Perfect routine as far as I am concerned, so I guess for me, a retired hubby is the perfect companion..
Never fear gals, you just gotta train 'em the way you like!!!
waving from cold, snowy, southern ontario, canada