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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Completion Date?

Ok, so I have set February 1st as the day my craft nook is to be completed. Whatever stage I am at, even if I haven't completed it, the picture of what I have done will be displayed on this page. Promise! There, I said it. Now, I am not going to humiliate myself by not having the job done. Plus I have several projects waiting patiently, so, since I already showed you the beginning mess, I must complete what I started! Never mind that I may be a little crazier than normal, minus a few clumps of torn out hair, and ready to destroy anyone who crosses my path, I will finish what I started. I'll have no regrets with starting this major task, but will keep in my mind what the finished product will look like, one I can be proud to show you! Off I go...


Marilyn Miller said...

Good luck with the craft nook. I should do that too, since I in the midst of rearranging. We are hoping at least the furniture is moved by Sunday. Then I have a chair that looks about like your couch. It has been sitting in the garage for years waiting. Now is the time to get it reupholstered and into my craft room.

Buffy said...

Happy to of found your blog :)

It's inspirational and Entertaining! Your quilt with the grandchildren is adorable!

I had to chuckle at the "Dog or Children?"

Good Luck with the Craft Nook x x

~Buffy x x

Diane said...

Now, Laurie, it's going to be FUN. Except maybe stripping the wallpaper, yuck! Hope that doesn't turn out to be an awful job and that you can get on to something fun.

Pearl said...

The only way I could get started on my craft room was to go in and be brave and just start throwing out all the junk I had. (in garbage can) Then I found some wonderful items and remembered a lady that befriended me on line, and I sent her many things that I would never use! So I felt good about that (because alot of it was new)because she is a sewer and I knew she would enjoy something different.(and she did!)And I am so not a sewer. But boy do I love you gals that can sew! Good luck and have fun with it. I know it will be great.