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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Oddities Called "Gifts"

I was just visiting http://shoozles-wearyourart.blogspot.com/, enjoying her post on gifts from her husband. OOHH did it bring back some rather best left forgotten Christmas "gifts" from my dear husband Ken. (Yes I did just drop his name!) Let's see where to start! Ken, being a man, thinks on the practical side. I guess that qualifies the gas can with my name on it as a "gift." (Pictured) Yes, a plastic 2 gallon gas can. What woman doesn't need that!? Then, of course the standard vacuum cleaner one year, followed by a floor scrubber. I have made it quite clear in years since, that these are gifts for the house, bought as needed through-out the year. Christmas is when I get gifts for taking care of the house and him, sort of in appreciation, and let's not forget to throw some love in there? But I have to say the most embarrassing, and the most unusual was when one Christmas, in front of the whole family, I opened up a "Gift" to find a box of sanitary napkins! Practical? Yes, A gift the whole family can enjoy? Let's just say they did and leave it at that.
Any strange gifts out there? Feel free to share!


Shoozles said...

There should be a class, that teaches men how to buy or give thoughtful gifts. non-stinky gifts 101 LOL

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog- we women have to stick together on this gift thing

AverettLadyNana said...

Apparently your husband and mine were twins separated at birth...LOL
Mine gave me a vac one year he was so excited about it too...could not wait for me to open it.

Robyn said...

Don't forget the wonderful dirt bike helmet I received along with the dirt bike shirt that didn't even match the helmet for my imaginary dirt bike!!

Pearl said...

A GAS CAN! Was he really serious???
That's funny!