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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hidden Beauty

This sewing machine has belonged in my husbands family for many years, and for quite some time was stored in the attic of their family homestead. His grandmother was an excellent seamstress, and made her own patterns for wedding gowns, and clothing. It has been many decades since this machine has been used.
We've had it for several years now, and I don't know why I never peeked to see if there were any hidden treasures in its drawers. Today I looked, and was excited to find many pieces of lace, well aged and beautiful. These are just three samples of what I found, along with its original oil can. I'm carefully going to ready these finds for use in my crazy quilt projects, as they have held up quite well. I learned from a past mistake, with one of my great aunts old hankies, to place the lace between towels to press. I'll show more beautiful pieces as I get them untangled and nicely pressed.


Diane said...

Old sewing items are such treasures because we know they were very used and also taken care of to last this long. Lucky you to find the beautiful old lace, a bonus.

AverettLadyNana said...

What a beauty! My grandfather gave me his mother's machine which I learned to sew on. My Dad fixed it up, replaced belt, shined the machine and cabinet. And my other great-grandmother left me hers. Both my on my mom's side. I left them at my parents home when I moved out. Only had room for the electric one I sewed on. My mom, God Bless Her, took one of them and gutted it. Nothing left but the ironwork and put a marble slab on it for a table. I about had a stroke when I saw it. I actually broke down and cried. Later we added on and when she went into a home (Alzhimers) I got the machine left and the gutted one. Bad thing is she gutted the one that Daddy had refurbished!! I want to get the remaining one working again ONE DAY!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

What a beautiful machine...very similar to the one that I have that belonged to my Gram.

I'm adding your to my blog roll at my new blog "Friends of Home Is Where The Heart Is".

BrieBrie13 said...

My mom has that same one. It sits in my old room. She absolutely loves it... and I asked her if I could use it one time and it still works. It amazed her and I both!

Pearl said...

What a great find Laurie. To have the lace as well as the original oil can is sweet!!