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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mr. Andy

I'm working on the computer, and this paw comes from behind, reaching for a pile of embroidery floss! He was totally hidden by the screen, and it just looked so wierd! Sort of like the Hand on Adams Family.
He really did miss me!

I have to say I really missed him too. He's attatched at the hip! When I came home he was mad at first, I opened the bedroom door and he ran under the bed and wouldn't come out, but now he won't leave me alone. It's ok though, I love it!


Diane said...

Poor Andy. Funny picture, too. When I had my last kitty (22 years) a paw reach under the bathroom door when I was in there. It always made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

You know this is a very unique looking cat. I don't think I could handle seeing those eyes looking at me in the middle of the night though.
He is just as sweet as he can be.

Pearl said...

The hand picture is so freaky. Thank goodness it was just Andy?