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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Little Brite-n-Chipper and Andy

I love my pets! Every one is special and precious to me. Aside from Chip my pom, each animal is a rescue. Lucy was a puppy from a litter to our border mix Daisy, adopted from a shelter the day she was to be put down. When I went to have her spayed, the vet called to say she was quite far along in her pregnancy. Being so thin and sickly when we got her, we couldn't even tell she was ready to whelp. Daisy has passed, but we still have Lucy. Bobbie, our border collie, found me. I went to the post office, it was January and the weather was terrible. The dog warden was coming for him, he had been sleeping in the garage there. He too was in terrible shape. When I opened my door, he got in my car. I couldn't turn him away, and he is ours through and through. Then there is Punkin, she is 17. Her mother and the rest of the litter were found in our barn. Punkin was very tiny, so I took her in the house right away. When I went out to get the rest of the litter, they were gone. Sassy, our cockatiel, is also an orphan! When I was at my parents several years ago, the neighbor came over with a box, opened it to reveal this little bird. He had found it in his driveway, and wanted to know if it was ours. I told him no, but if he had no luck finding the owners to let me know. He did, and she is a great little bird. Andy, he's my little lap cat! I was volunteering in our local humane society when this litter arrived. He was such a scrawny mess, and because he isn't the "pick of the litter", no one wanted him. A sphinx mix, Andy isn't the most adorable of cats, but I fell in love! He is more affectionate than any of the dogs. He follows me around, and is always on my lap, shoulder, or riding on my back. So that is our family, and we love them to pieces!

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Terri's ThreadArt said...

Oh Lauri that is such a wonderful thing that you do! I have never in my life seen a cat like that ~ he is AMAZING!!!!!!
Just look at those eyes!