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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My niece is 5, and has downs syndrome. She is the most beautiful little girl, and a true blessing to our family.
Now. Imagine another little girl with downs, approaches a stranger and asks for a drink of water. It's plain to this man that this child is truly thirsty. Yet, he turns his back and walks away, all the time looking to the ground. Imagine this same man, comes across a couple whose car has broken down at the side of the road, and the wife comes running toward him, begging him to please help her husband. Again, the man turns. A little boy, just wanting a friend, someone to hang out with for a little while, comes toward the man looking for a return of friendship. The man, once again, turns away a child. You are probably thinking, what kind of heartless person could be this despicable to turn his back on those in need? His elders, children with disabilities, children in need of a gentle hug? How could he be so cruel? Let me add the rest of the story. I know this man. He is my nephew, a marine. This is life in Iraq. What may seem so natural to us here, is not there. No one, not even a child, can be trusted. The little girl with downs? My niece is his sister. When Matt had to turn his back, when he so badly wanted to pick her up and hold her, he broke down and cried. Missing his own sister so badly,to not be able to help her broke his heart. The couple with the broken down car. When a woman dressed in garbs in Iraq comes running toward you, if you order them to stop and they don't you can shoot. She could very well be a suicide bomber. Children, like the little girl and boy, could take their own life along with you. Their parents think nothing of strapping a bomb to their own child. You watch the ground continuously, making sure you aren't going to step on an explosive. Marketplace is a battlefield, as this is where car bombs explode to take out the most people. In Iraq, you don't sleep. When you are not having nightmares, you are on guard because you never know what will happen next. Our soldiers are not fighting war, they are just trying to survive until they can come home. Now that you know the rest of the story, please take a moment to pray for our boys. Pray for our leaders to bring this to a close. Pray for our troops that are in the middle of the biggest culture shock one can imagine. And when they come home, pray they never have to go back.
Blessings to All,

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