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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Santa Claus?

Everyone that knows my husband Ken, knows he's a little on the eccentric side.  Last January, he decided he was never going to cut his hair or beard again.  And he hasn't. So my son and daughter-in-law bought him this tee shirt for Christmas.  It will chart his growth with little captions that explain the length.  Right now he is at lumber jack.  I'm curious, when I take his photo at the end of the year how long in will be.  It's already longer than when this picture was taken at Christmas!  It was funny the number of kids who thought he was actually Santa Claus.  One mother we were sitting by in a restaurant used the fact that her son was sure he was sitting close to Santa to get him to eat his dinner, telling him that Santa was watching and if he didn't eat he wouldn't bring him anything for Christmas.  The little boy finished his plate, never taking his eyes off Ken!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I Believe.....

"God said, one man and one woman.  If you are the Christian you profess to be, you would feel the same way too."  This is part of a very nasty e-mail I received from a person that belongs to my church. 
Besides being shocked and hurt by many of his comments to me that left my jaw on the floor, all because I told him to send me no more political e-mails, as he and I are in two totally different camps politically.  But of all the insults this one bothers me the most.  The operative words here for me are "if you are the Christian you 'profess' to be".  So.  In the opinion of many, you must be a cookie cutter Christian, all have the same beliefs and values, and if you don't then you are not a true Christian?  I was told of his many offices and accreditation's, President of this, chairman of that, but what have I done to profess my faith and belief in Christ? I didn't realize you had to have titles before your name and fancy credentials to enter the kingdom of Heaven. 
My faith is extremely important to me.  It has gotten me through some terrible times, and helped me to cross many a stormy sea.  I can't imagine my life without Christ as my redeeming Savior.
I guess what I'm trying to say, is be true to your God, and true to your values and moral standards.  We are all different.  We all worship in a way that is glorifying to our Savior.  To be told you are anything less, is an insult. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Special Birthday

August ninth is a special day to me, the 100th birthday 
of famous author and illustrator Tasha Tudor.
Besides her obvious talents with a pen, she had a great love for her gardens, 
and her sweet corgi's.
Her illustrations in so many children's books were and are the best in my eyes,
These are some of my favorite pieces,
showing her amazing talent.
I just love this one of a sleeping child on Christmas Eve.
This one touches my heart because
this little girl reminds me of me.
And who can forget her art work in "Wind in the Willows"
Happy Birthday in Heaven Tasha,
your talent will live on for many generations.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sun Bathing

A beautiful day today, the sun is shining, temps in the 70's, just perfect! Toby and Tyler seem to be enjoying it also, laying in the sun on our four season porch. Tyler, on the wicker, and Toby on my grandmother's rocker, were just a little annoyed with me for disturbing them for a photo. But where is Andy?
Well he likes a little more direct heat, so he prefers the windowsill behind the curtain!

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Little Colonel

 When we were growing up, we had a book case upstairs that had so many books,
many of them quite old.  We never ran out of interesting and good  books to read.
Though it sat in that book case for years, I never picked this one up.
Published in 1922, "The Little Colonel" never interested me as a child.
But over the last few days, I finally picked it up.
A fast read, I found it quite fascinating that in those days,
there was no filter, like there is now, on socially accepted
terms especially for those of different races.  Words today
that raise many an eyebrow, were totally acceptable.  I loved
the book and the lesson behind it.  I just had to realize those
names were normal back then.
I had recently read something that stated when you read a book,
memorize one line to heart, that summarizes the plot. 
I had no trouble recognizing that line, and as soon as I 
read, I memorized it.  The story is about forgiveness, a father
who tosses his daughter out of his life for her choice in
a husband, a yankee.  Lloyd, his grand daughter looks at
a picture of her grandmother, then small, and exclaims,
"Then I just know that if my beautiful grand mother could come down out
of that frame, she'd go straight and put her arms around
my mother and kiss away all her sorry feelings."
I take this book to heart, and when I have those feelings 
where I find it hard to forgive, I'll remember the words
of the Little Colonel.  And forgive.

Monday, August 10, 2015

From Trash (Firewood) to Treasure!

When I go up north to visit my brother and sister-in-law, Cheryl and I usually work on a sewing project. Not this time! On our usual trip to Mikado Mall, well actually it's a St.Vinny's thrift store, but everyone calls it the Mikado Mall as it's the only big shop around for miles, we came across this thing. We aren't sure what it is, but thought it would make an interesting project, so we loaded it in my trunk and headed back to the house. I mean it was only $5, what the heck.  My brother Jay had a different reaction, he laughed!  Thought we brought it home for the burning pile!
It was something at one time, we just don't know what! 
The front looked like this, and at one time had a
lid on it, something was there, Cheryl said she''d
like to make it into a drink holder for their deck
parties.  When my sister Wendy saw the open back,
the plan changed.  Why not the top for beverages, and
use the space for holding the extras!
So off to the hardware store for paint.  It took FOREVER to cover it with tinted primer!  Then, we thought how about mosaic tile for the lid!?  And a wine rack, a bar towel, wine glasses (found at the Mikado Mall for a whopping 25 cents a piece) and a bottle opener, still trying to fine one of the coke ones.  Well after I left, with the mosaic top done, Cheryl took over from there.
And here is the finished piece!  It turned out amazing!!!  
Awesome job Cheryl!  I wonder what my brother thinks of our firewood now!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Memories

 http://heartsdelights.blogspot.com/spot.com/  Marilyn  asked our favorite summer memories, and I thought I would share one of mine with you.
When we were growing up, we had several apple trees in our yard.  Three or four lined our driveway, all which had the tastiest apples.  We loved them green, and waited til they were just the right size to pick.  My siblings and I would find the perfect apples, and grab the salt shakers and sit on the front porch steps, and devour them one right after the other.  We totally ignored our mother's warning that if we ate more than a couple we would get a belly ache.  I don't recall that ever happening!  We also had a rhubarb patch that we would pick from, and sit on the wood pile with either a bowl of sugar or salt, depending on which we were in the mood for, and eat to our hearts content.  Along with the pear tree we were set for fruit for our school lunches.  But the one I really loved was the neighbors cherry tree that hung over our garage roof.  We would climb my father's ham radio tour, and sit on the roof to tan, and eat our fill of the best cherries.  I miss those days, and would give anything to sit on the porch steps or the garage roof again, and bask in the memories of a warm summer day.